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2011-07-11 17:41:11 by Andre

Yaaay! I got banned! Thanks Mods. -.- was my fault...but still...

Getting back into flash!

2011-07-10 06:53:26 by Andre

I tried to create animations using flash...but I gave up. Now, I'm going to start again. I bought my Flash CS3 back to life and I'm ready to get started.

Any good tutorials out there that use CS3? Thanks.

You can also comment random bullshit, but I guess you already knew that.

Favorite Song!

2011-04-23 13:02:46 by Andre

Hey guys, I found this song in the audio portal, and I think this artist has a lot of potential, check it out and please leave positive feedback for him. /415609

Thanks. :]


2011-04-16 02:04:13 by Andre

I want to get better at voice acting. How should I go about doing that? Any ideas? Suck more dick? Less dick? Bigger dick? Guess I gotta try them all.

What do you think? :[]

New Sig!

2011-03-25 16:53:58 by Andre

Well, guys. I know this my might be that exciting for you but, I'm through the roof with excitement. Tri-Circle, a wonderful Sig maker, just made me this sig. I can't thank him enough for it.

THANK YOU TRI-CIRCLE!!!! <333333333

New Sig!

Voice Acting!

2011-03-21 18:50:03 by Andre

I'm all set to do some voice acting. Just got my new mic and stand. I'll be putting up some samples soon.

Fruity Loops!

2011-03-18 04:51:17 by Andre

I'm trying to get my brother into Fruity Loops because he really loves music and I think that'd be a great way for him to express it. Can anyone link some great tutorials he can use to get started?


2011-03-14 21:30:05 by Andre


2011-03-02 03:23:17 by Andre

I'm trying to learn ActionScript right now. I can program in C++ so I figure it wouldn't be too hard. It's pretty complex though. I have some books on it...but any tips?

Trying to Animate!

2011-02-21 18:08:50 by Andre

I'm currently learning how to animate with Adobe Flash CS3, if you have any tips don't be afraid.